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I had this hair installed Saturday 3/17/2012 and it looks so bad that I am taking it out as soon as possible.First of all I am highly upset and disappointed with this hair, which is described as "true virgin Indian hair" which is a blatant lie!

This hair is horrible, the ends of the hair was matted frayed, thin and raggedy. The length was shorter than what I ordered. There was some kind of residue on the hair that felt like soap ***. The curl pattern is weak and stringy, therefore the hair tangles and mattes very easily.

I am outraged that Perfect Locks is robbing people out of their hard earned money. I have had Virgin Indian hair before so I know what it looks & feels like! This hair is complete garbage, this so called "true virgin Indian hair" is worth no more that $20 and that's being generous. I have found numerous complains, with customers having the exact same problems, also found complaints through the BBB.

I am convinced that the people who gave them "Good Reviews" were paid to do so or that the "good reviews" were written by people affiliated with the company. I have been bamboozled, robbed out of $340 and given garbage in exchange, to say this hair is inferior would be an understatement. This is like ordering filet Mignon form a menu and they bring you a plate of mystery meat instead. Not only am I out of the money I used to buy the hair, I am also out of the money I used to have it installed.

I am flabbergasted and angered by the fact that there are unethical businesses like Perfect Locks with not an ounce of integrity that are stealing from people.This is utterly ridiculous!

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Wait- how does a person have hair installed? Why on earth would you buy some poor virgin girl from India's hair? And why does the woman in the photo look AA but desires Indian locks?

What is going on here?!?!?!?!

Miss Betsy
to Gericurled #1263458

Much of the hair sold from India is sourced from Temples that shave women's heads for religious purposes - to purify the shavee. This is done free of charge and the Temples allow buyers to collect the hair and sell it to women online and in stores.


I used perfect locks.My first order which was 27' and a 28' curly hair.

It shed a lot but i thought it was me. Cause I really didn't take care of it. I later order a 20' and a 21'inch and I was shock that the length was super longer. But the hair was stink.

It had a hard scummy feeling. When I wash the hair it seem as if the hair was dye black. I call and talk to someone name Monica!(I think that's her name) she offer me a discount on my next purchase!!

I couldn't send the hair back because i spend 170 to install.And I didn't want to lose out on my money!!

Miss R

No offense, but you didn't even mention how the company dealt with the situation, how can you be credible?

to Miss R #746749

That doesn't make the consumer not credible.Where did you get that information.

Actually it is a very rude statement.

This person expressed her bad experience.That is appreciated!!!


I'm sorry you had such a horrible experience.Now, I'm nervous to reorder.

I had great results with my first order from Perfect Locks.Everyone thought it was my natural hair and used and reused the hair from August of 2011 thru March 2012.

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